Combi blinds were invented in South Korea so naturally Korean combi blinds are the best. What are combi blinds, you ask? They look like these (real life pictures from the installations we've done for our very satisfied customers!) and add even more style to any room. 

They combine the excellent light control of roller shades with the usability of traditional horizontal blinds, without having to roll them up and down at half-mast so your windows will always look finished. Adjust combi blinds at will to shut out outdoor light entirely for maximum privacy, or let the sunshine in fully or control your view through the window.

Advantages of NEW COMBI

Difference #1 - Bottom Bar

Regular Combi uses a U-shaped bottom bar and has gap between fabric.

New Combi system uses a pentagon-shaped bottom bar and two pieces of fabric so that there would be no gaps between the fabric. This translates to better exact control and seepage of light into the room.




Difference #2 - Effect of Blocking Light

Regular Combi - We can find a small amount of light seeping through the closed vanes.

New Combi - With New Combi, the pentagon-shaped bottom bar makes the gap between two fabrics so narrow that light seepage between the closed vanes is brought to a bare minimal. The same effect of black-out single roll screen can be achieved using the all new black-out combi fabric.


Difference #3 - Obstructions

Regular Combi - With a regular combi, due to its shape of the bottom bar, a regular blind can be obstructed and thus losing its shape and purpose of blocking light.

New Combi however, with its pentagonal-shaped bottom bar, and also two pieces of gapless fabric allows seamless operation of the blinds regardless of obstruction.



Difference #4 - Possible To Print Images

Regular Combi - Because regular combi uses a one head tube and a single piece of fabric which is moved back and forth, the fabric and mesh which keeps crossing over during operation can make a person feel dizzy. Also, it is not cost effective as to operate a 2.5m length, the cord needs to move double the length!

New Combi - Uses two tubes to roll fabrics on each tube. Two fabrics are matched seamlessly and closed tight to avoid any empty spaces. The cord moves the same distance the blind is moving. This is much more cost-effective than regular blinds.

Types Of Combi Blinds

Most of Combi has horizontal vane. We made some different designs to relieve this monotony. Stars, circles and geometric designs with vivid colors make your place very much alive and creative.

New Combi Digital Printing

With Regular Combi a image is not matched when it’s rolled, but New Combi system it’s possible because the fabric is cutted in half to match exactly. And we have a patented formula (10-0866344) to keep same colors for a long time. There are various items such as Two Tone Shade, Graphic Design, and Actual Image Print.

Laser New Combi

Using designs in LASER CUT we make a New Combi Blind. Combi Laser is formed with very exquisite designs using fabric of new material. Laser punching designs replace sheer parts of Combi. Use New Combi component to make these various designs. It’s custom-made but small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). This brilliant idea makes your place beautiful.

New Combi (Black-Out)

This is a product that uses black-out fabric on the New Combi System. Pentagon shape bottom bar make the gap between fabric narrow and it is better to get excellent effect of blocking light. So if we use black-out combi fabric, we can get same function with black-out roll screen.